Single Mother Adoption: On the Rise

Single parent adoption is not accepted by all agencies and all countries. An adopting mother must therefore be prepared for good-natured hard work in finding an agency that does. The good news about this is that more agencies are accommodating single parents though there are those who only allow single mothers adoption.Some allow fathers to adopt if they are related to the child or if their wives are the biological mothers of the child who will be adopted.Suffice it to say, single women have more of an edge in being approved as the adoptive parents of children. It is a reality though that between a married couple and a single woman, agencies will most likely choose a married couple rather than a single woman.There are countries which are open to single parents. But if one will opt for domestic adoption, birth mothers rarely choose single women. As of January 2013, countries that allow single parent adoption include: Bulgaria, China, the DRC, Haiti, Honduras, Latvia, Moldova, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Russia and Uganda. A person must work with an international agency, if one has the intentions to adopt.Children’s ages can range from 1-17 years old. Children may also have special needs. For international adoptions, a home study is usually required. There are agencies that actually allow one to choose a baby’s age, race or even the sex but these can affect the waiting time in finding the right match.In addition to this, it is advisable for single women to work with agencies who have no biases. In fact, there are agencies who actually work particularly with single women. It is recommended that prospective moms check if there are such agencies in their country or in the country from where they will be adopting.There are international agencies that work with single moms. In the US, some of the organizations that help single women are: the National Council for Single Adoptive Parents, Adoption Resource Exchange for Single Parents and Single Parent Resource Center.Surprisingly, there are plenty of single women who are so willing to get tied to the responsibility of adopting children and becoming parents. They can choose among different types of adoption such as foster care adoption, domestic or international adoption.Even for those moms who have tried foster parenting, some have been rejected so many times that they begin to lose hope about the whole adoption thing. But the others continue to pursue fostering until they are successfully matched with children.There are plenty of children who are in the foster care system but one must be prepared to find older ones, those with special needs or those who are undergoing emotional healing because they have been victims of abuse.Single mother adoption can be tough. It is more of a calling that one must heed. It entails 100% commitment or even so much more than what they can normally provide, especially because of the absence of a partner.Though studies in the past few decades would not approve of single parents as capable of providing a healthy development for a child, there are already recent researches that show otherwise. With their natural nurturing attitude, adoptive single mothers can no doubt give their adopted children a happy and loving family.

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